Being grateful for what I have AND letting things go



“Stand up straight and realize who you are – that you tower over your circumstances. You are a child of God. Stand up straight. ” -Maya Angelou

You guys, I am SO grateful. I have so many material things I don’t even know what to do with them all. I also have an incredible family of origin- parents who are still madly in love and two sisters who are also my best friends. Top that off with an incredible husband who adores me to no end and a little monkey that fills me with endless pride and love. And the wealth that I have in my friends! It’s hard to even speak of the love I get from them without bringing tears to my eyes. And this mind! So full of ideas and aspirations. So ready and willing to empathize with someone or to fix something about myself to make me a better mom/wife/yoga teacher…I live a great life. It is so full. Full to the brim in fact. And so, I’ve decided to enter next week by embracing all of my many blessings AND also by letting go of some beliefs that are no longer serving me. Can anyone relate to this one:

The belief that I need to produce to be worthy.

I need to be perfect to be loved. I need others to be a certain way so that I can be happy. I can’t get started until Grace is older, Brandon starts working less or I’m tidier. Life is supposed to be easier. I’m doing it wrong. His behavior is a reflection of me. Everyone else has it better. I’m not good enough. It’s too late. (OK that’s more than one thing.)

Those are all lies and they’re weighing me down like a backpack full of rocks. I can’t get my work done because I am carrying burdens not meant for me. {BIG EXHALE}

Is there anything that is weighing YOU down that you can let go of?

Peel off the backpack with me. Lay it down and walk away. SIMPLIFY.



PS This weekend we also let go of a bunch of clutter. Check out the before pics…IMG_3192.JPG




And an imperfect yet perfectly OK after shot… (It’s actually much better than it looks in this picture.)IMG_3209.JPG


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