Our nature walk (January)

As we entered the “woods”, the narrow trail that meanders along lake Temescal, Grace kept wanting to go play on the jungle gym. So, at first, I redirected had to redirect her, or as Grace’s waldorf teacher puts it, “shifted the focus,” back to the woods. I said things like, “Wow! Look at this leaf! I wonder what the name of it is. Let’s make it up.” It was so cute to watch her come running over to me to see what the excitement was about. Then, I found a bunch of bark on the ground and made it sound like it was a brand new shiny toy. My trickery worked again. Before I knew it, she was walking around expressing the same excitement for everything she saw and heard and asking questions about it.  It was precious, and so much fun.


At first she was frighted when I pointed out this bird, but after watching it for quite a while she realized it wouldn’t hurt her.

IMG_3393IMG_3390IMG_3379 Showing us how big the lake is.

It accomplished exactly what I set out to do – when does THAT ever happen?! And it was fun to see how much it had changed since our last visit.


January                             vs.                   December

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One Response to Our nature walk (January)

  1. I am so proud of you Izzy, this is a wonderful account of your walk and your learning together, very lovely!

    I’m in Pacific Palisades, working on a Monday deadline since Thursday! Then comes my stuff, including your cards, and a quick visit from Polly, mid-week! Hugs to you three, whoops, four with Bacchy…….oxo L. =0)

    Loretta Ayeroff • Photography

    e / TA291@aol.com

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