About me

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire and empower people to live their joy in a context of love and creativity. 

Welcome to Joymommy!! Or you may prefer to call me the joy junkie. Either way I’ll answer to both and I’m so glad you stopped by. Not that I’m super joyful all the time. (I wish!) It’s more that I WANT more joy and am eager to learn and share what I’ve learned.
My real name is Isabelle and yes I’m addicted to learning about how to experience more joy! No really I am and not the ecstatic, over the top, jump up and down kind of joy. I’m more interested in the quiet, what makes me happy (creativity, organizing my house and head, being with my family, being mindful of this moment, yoga…), simple things in life kind of joy. And one thing that I’m passionate about is setting goals! They are my friends and I am comforted by them (perhaps the junkie part is making sense to you now!).
I’m a yoga doing, dog walking, stay at home wife and mom living in Oakland, California. I have a beautiful baby girl who gives me plenty of joyful material to work with each and every day. However when that isn’t enough I also own a yoga business, cool karma kids, and teach yoga and meditation to kids ages 2-12! I also run a moms group.
What I love most about learning about joy is the “high” I get from finding new ways to get my next “fix”. Now, I know that different people experience joy in different ways so I will be sharing both how I get little hits of joy and hope you will share how you get your own hits!!
This blog is dedicated to my love of all things joy related! Join me as I chronicle the life of a joy junkie and attempt to get others “hooked” along with me. The more “junkies” out there the less freakish I seem! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Life is my classroom. I am both the student and the teacher. Each day I find that I am being tested. Here, I hope to explore JOY.

Joy to me is fun, gratitude, excitement about life, faith, forgiveness, spending time with friends, love, yoga, spending time with my baby… It’s something money can’t buy and credentials rarely produce. Being the smartest or the prettiest, the most talented or the richest can’t guarantee joy. Please join me as I fulfill my purpose of finding, having and sharing more joy.

Our potential for joy is unlimited!

with JOY,



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