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My yellow mellow birthday bash


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Pain in the neck

A few months ago I was practicing head stand when I lost my balance and somersaulted out of it. In the moment it actually felt pretty graceful and I was proud of myself for not getting hurt. The next day … Continue reading

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My latest curiosity these days is Ayurveda,¬†a science of nature. Ayurveda teaches that we are part of Mother Nature so clearly the energies which govern the changes in nature influence our physiological systems as well. Ayurveda¬†recommends treating the cause, not … Continue reading

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Vacation pictures

I don’t have time to write a long post but wanted to share some pictures of Grace’s first trip to Idaho.

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In honor of happiness happens month I wanted to ask you a few questions: What’s the happiest moment you’ve had recently? What song makes your toes tap? What TV show makes you laugh? When you need a happy-pick-me-up what movie … Continue reading

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Day 40: standing TALL

When humans first stood up we created a visible link between heaven and earth. To this day, when we stand erect we embody strength, lightness, stability, and balance. {Note: how is your posture in this moment?} ASSIGNMENT: It is our … Continue reading

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Day 23: Chatter box

Our minds are constantly on the go, leaping from one thought to the next. It is estimated that we have 50,000 thoughts a day. That’s a lot of leaping! When will it ever cease? ASSIGNMENT: Sit outside or in a … Continue reading

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